Awin Advertiser

Awin Advertiser

Integrating your Awin Advertiser account unlocks robust visibility and control over your entire affiliate channel within’s unified payment platform.

Once connected, your account dashboards interlink to reveal key affiliate partner performance data including:

  1. Campaign and creative performance analytics
  2. Real-time tracking of affiliate referred sales
  3. Visitor traffic and pinpointed conversions

Most crucially, easily route payout commissions to top-tier publishers and loyal affiliates worldwide leveraging global multi-currency transaction capabilities tailored for Awin-based programs.

The result is an ability to administer your Awin partnerships, monitor business impact, and distribute earnings to thousands of partners from one centralized place – avoiding manual analysis, payment delays or currency conversion fees which complicate scale.

Streamline success driving rapid growth together with Awin by enabling automated payout workflows fueled by deep business intelligence. Integrate in minutes today.

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